Jesuit Dental School Recruitment Collaborative For Native American Students

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and several Jesuit universities (Creighton, Gonzaga, Marquette) have joined forces with the Jesuit Dental School Recruitment Collaborative to address the disparities seen in the oral health of Native Americans. Together they are creating a pipeline collaborative into the dental profession for Native American students with strong tribal and cultural affiliation.

Through this collaborative Creighton provides a four-week Summer Enrichment Program annually for first, second and third year undergraduate students who want to investigate the profession of dentistry. Six Native American students are able to attend this program each year at no cost to the individual. Qualified Native American students will be encouraged to apply directly for admission to Creighton and Marquette Schools of Dentistry. Undergraduate Native American students who need to strengthen their undergraduate preparation for dental school will be encouraged to apply to Creighton’s highly successful, existing Dental Post-Baccalaureate Program. This one-year program will be expanded from 5 to 8 students and will include 3 Native American students.


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