ADA President Meets with Tribal Leaders in the Southwest

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona President, and Ft. Mojave Nation Vice President, Shan Lewis, AzDA Executive Director Kevin Earle, ADA President Dr. Raymond Gist, ITCA Executive Director John Lewis, ITCA Dental Director Dr. Alyssa York.

American Dental Association President, Dr. Raymond Gist visited key Native American communities and organizations in New Mexico and Arizona during the month of March to advance oral health outreach and raise awareness in Indian Country. While the Arizona and New Mexico Dental Associations have made numerous trips to Indian Nations to meet with tribal leaders over the past year, it was Dr. Gist’s first visit to Indian Country.

Central to Dr. Gist’s tour is the ADA’s Native American Oral Health Care Project, an initiative focusing on collaborating with tribal leaders, health directors and policy makers to develop a comprehensive approach for improving oral health in Indian Country. The project, which was established by the Arizona and New Mexico Dental Associations in 2010, addresses the imbalance in access to quality oral health care among Native Americans.

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